A Hero's Introduction
Quest Giver: Jona (Shikaakwa: B3) Location: Bellroot: A4
Prequest: N/A Leads to: Edgar's Redemption
Open Shikaakwa area
10 Experience
50 Silver
Before Quest:
What? Another mercenary?
Normally I wouldn't talk to such riff-raff, but you're in luck..our beautiful city has been under siege for weeks, and I have no choice but to accept every able sword.
Monsters from the mountain have come down and taken over our farmland... every day they come closer...closer to besmirching our beautiful city!...I...I WON'T HAVE IT!!!
*ahem*...anyways right outside the city limits is a small cave where these...these...creatures have been breeding and preparing for an attack on the city.
Defeat them, report back to me, and I MIGHT think about letting you through the quarantined areas I've set up around the city.

During Quest:

The caves right outside town - be careful.

After Quest:

Congratulations on beating the first Quest!
More of the town is unlocked now. Walk around the town and look for Edgar, he will have another quest for you.
To find Edgar, walk West of here (to the left).

Defeat the monsters in the cave outside town and return to Jonas for a reward.

From Jona move East once, go in the cave and slay all the monsters.

Return to Jona to claim the reward.

Accumulated 22 XP, 10 Silver