A Last Request
Quest Giver: Ghost (West Hills: A1) Location: West Hills: A1
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Further access to West Hills
200 Silver
Before Quest:
Hey you! Can you see me? Don't be afraid!..I wont hurt you!
Yes, Im a ghost....
Funny thing they don't tell you about dying...if you die searching for something passionately enough, your spirit will be anchored to that object here on earth until you find it...I died looking for that stupid hat in the mine...I don't know what I saw in it, but now my spirit is bonded to it, and I can't leave until I retrieve it from this mine.
The only problem is there's other ghosts in there too...vicious, terrible ghosts of miners blinded by their own greed, who came in to seek their fortune after the mine collapsed...they must have suffocated down there hoarding their treasures.
Now they'll attack anything, man or ghost that comes down there.

During Quest:

You might be wondering why I don't just head down there myself and retrieve it...seeing as how I'm dead...well, have YOU ever been struck by a phantom pickaxe?

After Quest:

Thank you! I guess its no joke that I'll be eternally grateful....haha, sorry...ghost humor there. My last piece of unfinished business is to say goodbye to my wife..hopefully now she can move on too.
Oh, and don't think I'm letting this go unrewarded. If you look behind that bowl there you'll find my hidden stash of silver that I took from the mine while I was still alive....I don't think I'll be needing it where I'm going, though!
Clear the mine in the West Hills of evil ghosts.

Note: This quest can be completed while doing West Hills Search.

Accumulated 308 XP, 160 Silver