Aglooliks Slime
Quest Giver: Jona (Shikaakwa: B3) Location: Bleakwoods: H3
Prequest: Bumps in the Night Leads to: Grimalkin Sweep
Bandage x5
100 Experience
2 Gold
Before Quest:
Our medicine men are quickly running out of supplies to make first aid packs for the local mercenaries...if this keeps up we wont have any left!
A key ingredient of these bandages is the slime of the Crimson Agloolik...its a rather rare creature and difficult to find...but if you could hunt down just two of them, it would provide enough for several days worth of bandages.

During Quest:

I should warn you, the Crimson Agloolik is a bit more fierce than its docile cousins. If you manage to find one, use caution!

After Quest:

Ah...two marvelous specimens! Here, let me get you some healing packs too....we should have plenty to work with for now.
Hunt and take out 2 Crimson Aglooliks and return to Jona.

Crimson Agooliks can be found in a shack near a water tower in Bleakwoods: H3.