Sacred Seasons Wiki

A quick way to move around is teleporting to friends. Teleporting will change your server to whichever friend you teleport to. While teleporting into a dungeon works, arenas are closed to teleports. Teleporting works inside Underworld, but not from outside to Underworld. You also cannot teleport to Plagued Grounds, though you can teleport within Plagued Grounds. And to get to a area you didn't unlocked, port to someone in the area's Arena. However, this won't work with Underworld and UWI. Some players have placed port-bots at crucial areas (e.g. Bleakwoods and Underworld entrance).


Modland is an virtual area, only accessible by mods. The main purpose is to have mod-meetings without having to worry about players porting to them. Dfarm describes it like this: "all the wonderful things u can imagine are there if u can imagine it it is there". Contrary to some reports, there are NO quests or arenas in Modland.

World Map

1 Bleakwoods
2 Arrows-v.png
3 Coldwoods Arrows-h.png Plagued Grounds
4 Arrows-v.png
5 Death Dunes Arrows-h.png West Hills Arrows-h.png Shikaakwa Arrows-h.png Bellroot Arrows-h.png Underworld
6 Arrows-v.png Arrows-v.png
7 Summerville Deadfields


Portals are used to come to another piece of the map or to enter a dungeon, arena or the town store.

There are the 5 different portal types:

Image Description
Whiteportal.png White Portal - used to come to another piece of the map
Blueportal.png Blue Portal - same as white portal, but in another color to avoid being invisible in Bleakwoods, Coldwoods and Plagued Grounds. Also used for the shop in Shikaakwa.
Redportal.png Red Portal - used to enter dungeons and Arenas. Also used to exit arenas after surviving all seven floors, leads to arena lobby.
Redportal2.png Red Portal with "BATTLE" text - used to enter battles in dungeons or Arenas
Invisible.png Invisible Portal - one is located in Plagued Grounds Map a1 for the quest A Key Worth Gold. The second one is the entrance to the Shikaakwa Arena