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An arena is a multi-level dungeon, often associated with a repeatable quest (daily or weekly). Arenas consist of 7 floors and 7 rooms, totaling 49 rooms (with 0 to 3 battles in each room), single floor and 8 rooms (with 1 to 10 battles per room) or a single floor mega-dungeon (not fully mapped yet). They are considered to be more difficult than normal dungeons because healing is limited to items & skills. Additionally, monsters increase with difficulty as each floor or level of dungeon is completed.

The Fatal Fortress is the lowest level arena, also known as West Hills Arena (WHA). Other arenas, in increasing order of difficulty, are located in Summerville (SVA), Bleakwoods (BWA), Dead Fields (DFA), Bellroot (BRA), Coldwoods (CWA), Underworld (UWA), Plagued Grounds (PGA), Shikaakwa (BI3) and Death Dunes (DDA).



Name Abbreviation Location EXP Rewards Gold & Silver Rewards
Fatal Fortress WHA / FF West Hills: E4 none 5 Gold.gif
A Hero is Born SVA Summerville: G1 none 15 Gold.gif
Chilling Treasure BWA Bleakwoods: I1 none 25 Gold.gif
Stolen Pumpkin Seeds DFA Deadfields: F5 22,000 35 Gold.gif
Badgers and Spiders and Bears, oh my! BRA Bellroot: F4 35,000 50 Gold.gif

Not Repeatable

Name Abbreviation Location EXP Rewards Gold & Silver Rewards
Bear Invasion 2 CWA / BI2 Coldwoods: A5 100,000 50 Gold.gif
Underworld Invasion! * UWA / UWI Underworld: A1 300,000 250 Gold.gif
A Plagued Arena ** PGA Plagued Grounds: C3 600,000 none
Bear Invasion 3 BI3 Shikaakwa: C2 3,000,000 200 Gold.gif
Temple of Death DDA Death Dunes: A1 2,000,000 none

(*) The first group to complete the arena, members of the "RUSH" guild, received 500 Gold.gif and 2,000,000 EXP.
(**) The first group to complete this arena received 3,000,000 EXP. It was achieved on December 10, 2009.


Most of the arenas have either a 7 rooms/7 floors layout (Type A) or a 8 room layout (Type B). The only exception is BI3 with a mazelike rooms layout.

Type A


1 2 3 4
Arena room1.gif Arena room2.gif Arena room3.gif Arena room4.gif
Arena room5.gif

Type B


1 2 3 4
CWA room1.gif CWA room2.gif CWA room3.gif CWA room4.gif
CWA room5.gif