Badger Hell
Quest Giver: Harleck (West Hills: A4) Location: West Hills: A4
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Access to more West Hills
500 Silver
Before Quest:
Hey, you there!
You're in dangerous territory....this is bandit country! I should gut you where you stand, but maybe I'll let you live if you help me...
We used to have a base around 'ere hidden under that trap door...but we were overrun by...uh...uhm...
Don't get me wrong...these badgers are SERIOUS BUSINESS! If you clear them out for us we'll let you in on our 'secrets'.

During Quest:

Watch out for the biggun, hehe...

After Quest:

So, you did it, eh? Consider your life spared...for now.
You're now an honorary member of the Bonny Brigands!
Here-- I'll let you in on a little secret you know that cave directly South of here? There was a scout camping in it not too long ago...but he was chased away by some fierce monsters and left all his loot in that cave! He's probably somewhere in Shikaakwa now with his tail between his legs, haw haw!
Clear out Harleks Hideout in western West Hills and return back to him for a handsome reward.

Note: This quest can be completed while doing West Hills Search 2.

Accumulated 398 XP, 152 Silver