Badger Master
Quest Giver: Jona (Shikaakwa: B3) Location: N/A
Prequest: Spider Broods Leads to: The Drowned
300 Silver
2 Gold
Before Quest:
My scouts say there is a great hunter far to the north who may be interested in helping's strange though...he seems to be a bit of a trophy collector, and he gave us quite an odd list...lets see... 1 Forest Badger, 1 Enchanted Badger, 1 Rabid Badger, 1 Frost Badger, 1 Iron Badger.
He said if we could deliver these pelts to him he might be willing to help this point I'm out of options and we could really use more you think you'd be able to find these for me? I'll reward you handsomely if you do!

During Quest:

Your best bet would be to head West... I hear they enjoy burrowing in the various caverns in that area.

After Quest:

I don't know how you found them all...but thank you! Here is your reward!
Defeat 5 Badgers, return to Jona.