Bittersweet Revenge
Quest Giver: Ash (Bleakwoods: B2) Location: Bleakwoods: B2
Prequest: Trail of Ash Leads to: Into the Fire
Access to the master tent
300 Experience
Before Quest:
I heard a commotion and I followed your tracks through the snow...this is huge...I'm certain they're planning an invasion, even bigger than the one that destroyed my town!
I have to put a stop to's personal.
I usually fight alone, but I could use your help in there...this is no ordinary encampment--they're preparing for a final strike on the southern cities. We have to stop them!

During Quest:

Lead the way, I'll be right in after you.

After Quest:

I'll be ok, its just a scratch...hurry now! get to the main tent! It's right up ahead!
Help Ash clear out the elite troops and return back to her.

Accumulated 1380 XP, 1023 Silver