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Abdullahqqq1 Abdullahqqq1 16 September 2012



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PsychoFade PsychoFade 20 February 2012

Back by popular demand.

It's been a while since my last edit here.

Looks like there are still a lot of tables that need to be fixed. And by fixed I mean turned into wikitables. I'll try to work on it, depending on the amount of work I have to do outside of the wiki.

Until next time!

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Ss1-lover Ss1-lover 19 February 2011

Hello! Can someone help?

Hi! Im Bcool and I need help with level up. If someone in level 500+ could help me with some uwa runs i would be very happy. My first goal is level 200. Im level 184 right now and if im for example are level 300 sometime i can help leveling the guy that leveled by leveling his alt from for examle 100-150 and so on. Hope that I get some help by writing this.

Thank you!


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Azu22 Azu22 2 January 2011


Add what lvl you are and just lvls idk lvls.......................................

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PsychoFade PsychoFade 22 November 2010

New Wikia Look

Today I edited the wiki theme a bit.

I added an official background (found in the SacredSeasons Twitter account), and changed the header color to black. The button colors are also red now.

I'd like to hear thoughts on that, so that we can improve it even more. Any kind of feedback is welcome.


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PsychoFade PsychoFade 14 October 2010

MediaWiki Changes.

I just edited the MediaWiki-navigation page to alter the navigation menu at the top of each page a bit.

The new menu contains 4 drop-down menus.

  • Classes - Contains the most useful pages about the game classes.
  • Equipment - Contains the most useful pages about the game equipment (weapons, head etc)
  • World - Contains the most useful pages about the game world (areas, quests, NPC's etc)
  • Special Pages - Pretty much the same; contains some of the more useful special pages of the wiki.


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PsychoFade PsychoFade 12 October 2010

New Updates & Notices Section.

Today I edited the Updates & Notices section on the main page, after a recommendation Sovq made (all hail Sovq). It's the same system we have on the SS2 wiki.

We no longer have a seperate page for the whole game history. Instead, I have renamed the Updates and Notices page and made it a sub-page for the Main Page, and then replaced the content of the updates and notices with the sub-page link. After that, I added a link at the bottom of the updates table, among with a collapsible/collapsed table.

By clicking Add update you are essentially just editing the Main Page/Updates and Notices page (which is the main page sub-page). Since the main page's updates column now consists of the sub-page content, every time you edit the sub-page, your change…

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PsychoFade PsychoFade 10 October 2010


Since the latest update, wikia has changed its look to a new theme which is going to replace Monaco.

This update, however, has made the wikitables not to appear on pages. The good news are that we can fix that. The bad news are that, in order to fix that, we have to edit the code manually and we can't do that now because we're busy editing the SS2 wiki theme.

For that reason, and because I don't want the pages to be left without proper tables at all, I will be editing the tables to an alternative wikitable form (that being, specifying the background color for the headers). More code means bigger loading time, but I promise I'll revert those changes once we get around to the coding.

Thank you for your time,


The problem has been fixed…

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Jaxon22 Jaxon22 24 June 2010


hi im jaxon22 i play sacred seasons its really fun i advise u guys to play it

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Dirtymonket 666 Dirtymonket 666 25 February 2010

Evergreen Soldier, healing spells

There should be more the just "Hip Flask I, II, III' for the Evergreen Soldier . I am level 103 i have 'Hip Flask III' and it only heals 1400 HP, for the level i am. i also have 7696 HP, and when you try to trian in UW , healing 1400 HP does nothing (but it's good that it heals the group), there should atlest be 'Hip Flask IV" that can heal alot more HP that could be for level 120?.

Please consigder adding 'hip Flask IV' for the Evergreen Soldier

P.S. i dont know If Sacred Seasons could do this, but i hope they can it'll make things alot better for the Evergreen Soldier

Thank You everyone :)

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Andreas95 Andreas95 3 December 2009


Who is in the highets level? Is it a level limit?

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Jgirl13245 Jgirl13245 2 October 2009

Friday: Dead to the World

Woke up in the afternoon, had panic attack- managed to get paper in just before the deadline, still feeling sick.

Played some other games, decided to do other things besides Sacred Seasons today.

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Jgirl13245 Jgirl13245 1 October 2009

Thursday: A New Day

Woke up sick, so decided to stay in bed.

Joined the Wiki, after contributing some info to the Fighting Summaries on the Summerville page

Contributed a bunch of monster information about coldwoods monsters.

Will probably work on bleakwoods next.

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