Bumps in the Night
Quest Giver: Jona (Shikaakwa: B3) Location: N/A
Prequest: The Haunted Cave Leads to: Aglooliks Slime
100 Experience
2 Gold
Before Quest:
Last night I received reports of some strange creatures wandering about in the dark...the report stated they where bizarre looking; half-bone, half seems at though the dark magic surrounding the countryside is growing stronger every day!
I'd like you to investigate this matter if possible...the report suggests the creatures may be coming from some of the abandoned barns in the area... if you could find and eliminate 5 of them, it would help us get an edge on this threat.

During Quest:

Reports stated there were several kinds, but all I'd need are the weakest ones.

After Quest:

So Lady Stitch is experimenting with new puppets... quite disturbing indeed. We'll have to send teams out to the countryside to remove any spare parts she could use to make more.
Eliminate 5 Strawmen and return to Jona.