Burning Heart
Quest Giver: Father Wildfire (Summerville: G4) Location: Summerville: G4
Prequest: Kosumi's Suspicions Leads to: N/A
Wildfires Staff
300 Experience
400 Silver
Before Quest:
How dare you disturb me during my incantations?! Nevermind, I guess you've stumbled in on my little secret...I’m the one who’s been causing the 'dissapearances' around here. Actually I’m doing them all a favor. I had a vision from Grandmother Summer of a great dark tide coming this way... a giant shadowy elk with smouldering was horrible! The only way to combat such an evil is to use the forbidden arts to change ourselves into something stronger than that darkness. I tried my first experiments on my followers...the first were...less than acceptable. But with each new try they grew stronger... better! You see, I've already transformed myself, and I feel amazing...the power...its overwhelming!

During Quest:

Listen child, don't try to stop me. Join us...if you must be burned in the sacred light of wildfire!

After Quest:

hurgh...urk....this cannot be! WRRRRRRUAGGHHH!
Defeat Father Wildfire and his monsters.