Sacred Seasons Wiki

Spring Classes

Charmer-classimage.gif Beautiful but deadly, the Spring Charmer has skills that can greatly aid her allies battle prowess, or cripple and disorient her foes. Those who cross paths with charmers quickly learn to respect their beauty, as well as their skill.
Evergreen Soldier
Evergreen Soldier-classimage.gif Born leaders, the Evergreen Soldier can command a platoon of ready fighters to sure victory against most opponents. Skilled in battlefield technology and sabotage, their skills are essential in any traditional battlefield setting.
Scout-classimage.gif The Scout is an expert in out-maneuvering enemies. A good solo fighter or team player, their skills are based around evasion and indirect attacks. While they remain in the shadows, their spirits are often noble and honorable.
Shaman-classimage.gif The reclusive Shaman is a dedicated spell caster, specialized in healing and powerful magic attacks. A capable mage or support character, their greatest weakness is their lack of defense against physical attacks.

Summer Classes

Desert Bandit
Desert Bandit-classimage.gif Do you feel lucky? Well, do you? Desert Bandits are a superstitious lot, relying on charms and elemental forces to turn the tides in their favor. Skilled at finding their enemies weak points and stopping them in their tracks, Desert Bandits are the classic gunslinger.
Hypnotist-classimage.gif Hypnotists are masters of time magic, and legend has it that the greatest hypnotists are capable of bending the very fabric of time-space itself. They prefer to indirectly impact the outcome of a battle, making their skills best used in the company of other magic users.
Pathfinder-classimage.gif Similar in a lot of respects to their seasonal cousin the scout, Pathfinders often rely on their ability to heal, as well as their blazing speed advantage to outmaneuver stronger, more powerful foes.
Sun Witch
Sun Witch-classimage.gif Great allies on the battlefield, the mystic Sun Witch is a master of global-effect spells. Well-rounded fighters in their own right, a Sun Witch can also help turn the tide of a large battle.

Fall Classes

Clown-classimage.gif Enigmatic and devious by nature, the Fall Clown is not to be taken lightly. Their various potions and sprays release a torrent of status-altering effects on their targets, helping them make quick work of unsuspecting foes. Their smug grin lets their opponents know they always have a new trick up their sleeve.
Harvest Soldier
Harvest Soldier-classimage.gif Harvest Soldiers are excellent snipers who know how to out-skill their opponents. Capable of quick successive attacks, as well as sabotage, their abilities in battle have made them the standard outfit for the fall-aligned cities.
Savage-classimage.gif The Savage is a vicious and primal fighter, relying on raw strength and primitive spells to enhance their skills in combat. Capable of dealing out massive amounts of damage in a short period of time, their prowess as fighters and hunters is legendary.
Thaumaturgist-classimage.gif Thaumaturgists are holy warriors who use spells and alchemy to perform great miracles. A master of defensive magics, a Thaumaturgist can both boost their parties defense, as well as increase their fighting skills.

Winter Classes

Arctic Soldier
Arctic Soldier-classimage.gif The Arctic soldier is a hulking tank of a warrior. What they lack in speed they make up for in defense and intimidation. Their intimate knowledge of nature and terrain also allows them to plan for a battle with the elements at their back.
Clairvoyant-classimage.gif Clairvoyants are members of an ancient order dedicated to the preservation of arcane arts. Their mysterious magics are designed to cripple other spell casters, but they leave little in the way of defense against physical attacks. Preferring to sense the world through the veil of darkness, they must constantly be on guard for the unsuspecting claw or sword.
Medicine Man
Medicine Man-classimage.gif Medicine men are herbalists who's power lies in their encyclopedic knowledge of plants and roots. A skilled medicine man can brew the right mixture for practically any battle situation, making them an unparalleled ally on the battlefield.
Snow Bandit
Snow Bandit-classimage.gif The snow bandits are a wise, secretive guild who have ancient skills passed down for generations. They specialize in skills that use cold damage to slow, stun and cripple their enemies. They are also capable of using enchanted ice to enhance their own deadly attacks.