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Desert Bandit Attributes
File:Desert Bandit.gif
Starting Attributes 60 70 6 1 9 8 6 5 3
Growth Rate Good Good Good Awful Great Good Poor Poor Awful
Battle Timer: Average (3.5s @ no latency)
Do you feel lucky? Well, do you? Desert Bandits are a superstitious lot, relying on charms and elemental forces to turn the tides in their favor. Skilled at finding their enemies weak points and stopping them in their tracks, Desert Bandits are the classic gunslinger.
Skill Level Skill Cost Skill Description
Tumbleweed Snare 1 8 Slow the targets attack rate a little.
Roadrunner 1 6 Increases your SPDby 2.
Shadow Rain 1 8 Lowers target DEF by 3 (chance to hit differs,works on uw monsters & lower )
Rabbits Foot 2 10 Increases parties LCK.rank I party's luck by 3.
Prickly Pear 3 6 Poison target (less than 10 damage).
Absolute Hydration 5 50 Completely restore targets health (20% chance of success).
Arid Death 7 30 Deal a little damage to your target (around 50 damage when first obtained).
Shadow Rain II 10 20 Lowers target DEF by 5 (chance to hit differs,works on uw monsters & lower )
Tumbleweed Snare II 13 25 Slow the targets attack rate some.
Prickly Pear II 17 25 Poison the enemy more. Around 17 damage per turn
Roadrunner II 21 25 Increases targets SPD by 5.
Snake Juice 26 30 Heal some HPs (around 350hp when first obtained).
Arid Death II 31 200 Deal more damage to your target (around 450 damage when first obtained).
Tumbleweed Snare III 37 50 Lower targets attack rate more.
Prickly Pear III 43 50 Poison the enemy lots (around 33 damage per turn).
Absolute Hydration II 50 200 Completely restore targets health (50% chance of success).
Rabbits Foot II 57 150 Boost the LCK of the entire party by 10 (at first, at 200lvl around 22).
Tumbleweed Snare III 73 100 Slows the target's attack rate lots.
Snake Juice II 82 200 Heal more HPs (around 2000hp when first obtained).
Arid Death III 91 500 Deal heavy damage to your target (around 5500 damage when first obtained).
Absolute Hydration III 150 650 Completely restore party's health (75% chance of success).
Spring Summer Fall Winter
Charmer Desert Bandit Clown Arctic Soldier
Evergreen Soldier Hypnotist Harvest Soldier Clairvoyant
Scout Pathfinder Savage Medicine Man
Shaman Sun Witch Thaumaturgist Snow Bandit


  • Good ATT growth means good damage.
  • Best single-target, non full heal healing ability.
  • Better-than-average LCK growth improves critical hit rate.
  • Level 150 skill is a 75% chance to heal the group completely, at a low SP cost compared with other level 150 skills.
  • High Skill growth.
  • Low sp full heal for single target (50% chance).
  • Good heal at low cost of sp.
  • Timer debuff helps in Player vs Player


  • Poor DEF growth
  • Awful RES growth
  • No AoE attacks