Edgar's Redemption
Difficulty Level: 2
Quest Giver: Edgar (Shikaakwa: A3) Location: Bellroot: A2
Prequest: A Hero's Introduction Leads to: Summerville Search 3 - The Evil to the East
Edgar's Sword
100 Silver
Before Quest:
Greetings brave warrior, Jonas has told me about you. You're proven yourself a worthy ally in our fight against the invading creatures.
Listen, this old warrior has a favor to ask of you... On my march to the city to provide aid a few nights ago, my forces were ambushed by swarms of spiders coming out of a cobwebbed cave at the foot of the mountain. They acted as if they were controlled by a single mind...and I lost many of my best fighters.
I would go out and avenge them myself, but my sworn duty is to defend this city at all costs. Right now we have barely enough men to guard the borders.
Please, go out and destroy the monsters lurking in that cave for me. Not only would it provide us with a tactical advantage, but it would let me rest a little easier, knowing my revenge was exacted.

During Quest:

You'll find the cave along the North mountainside in Bellroot. It's completely covered in giant webs. Take heed, these are no ordinary spiders you'll be fighting.

After Quest:

You are truly a skilled warrior. Thank you for avenging my fallen comrades. Still, I'm deeply troubled by the way those monsters behaved. Giant Arachnae are solitary and reclusive creatures, and its completely unnatural to see them acting cooperatively.
This matter requires further investigation.. in the meantime I'm giving you permission to explore the countryside along with other mercenaries I've enlisted as scouts. Please use caution...its relatively safe out in the daylight but many of the monsters are hiding in old buildings and caves waiting for the night to strike the city. I'm sure within one of these caves lies the root of whatever is manipulating these monsters to attack us.
Here, take this sword. It belonged to one of my soldiers, but I have a feeling you'll be able to put it to better use. I'd like you to report back to me again in a moment.. I have to discuss my plans with my men.
Defeat all the monsters in the cobwebbed cave to the east of the city and return to Edgar.

Accumulated 41 XP, 23 Silver