Etre's Secret
Quest Giver: Etre (Summerville: C4) Location: Summerville: C4
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Access to the cornfields east of here
100 Silver
Before Quest:
Huh? Who are you?! You're not one of those zombies are you?
Oh good...thats a relief.
My shops are overrun with strange creatures...some of them almost look like the farmers I used to do business with...I'd just pack up and leave, but this outpost is really all I have left...please, wont you help me?

During Quest:

Just get them out of there somehow, please!

After Quest:

The truth is, I think those were my former of them maybe.
I've been in denial about it, but I'm certain now Father Wildfire is using his followers to conduct freakish experiments...he's turning them into monsters!
I was afraid if I spoke out against it, he'd turn me into one of them too...but now there's nobody left but me down here anyways, so I might as well spill the beans.
I've seen them hold their nightly rituals directly East of here, deep in the cornfields. The remaining farmers are attracted to the flame like moths..they all just slowly congregate around an old hole in the ground and start chanting something... its just plain eerie!
If you decide to venture there, please be careful...father wildfire is not the kindly old man he once was.. I think he made a pact with an evil spirit in order to gain whatever powers he's acquired...but I'm certain its also driven him mad!
Fight off every monster in Etres Shop and return back to him.

Note: This quest can be completed while doing Summerville Search 2.

  • Battle 1
    • 5x Claykid (110 HP)
      • (175 XP, 100 Silver)
  • Battle 2

Accumulated 315 XP, 116 Silver