Haggarth's Forge
Quest Giver: Haggarth (Bleakwoods: D3) Location: Bleakwoods: D3
Prequest: Heart of Thorns Leads to: N/A
Unlock Haggarth's shop (not currently available)
100 Experience
Before Quest:
What business have you here? I craft only the finest weapons for those who would dare stand in the face of the Bore Lord and his minions.
At least, I used iron forge here is overrun with pesky grimalkin...If you got rid them for me I might be able to forge you something useful!

During Quest:

I can't do anything until those bloody grimalkin leave my bellows!

After Quest:

Thanks to you, I can set up shop again...but I never said I'd be giving away my wares for free now, did I?
Talk to me again later though... I might have something interesting for you!
Defeat the grimalkin occupying in Haggarth's forge.

Accumulated 1000 XP, 371 Silver