Heart of Thorns
Quest Giver: Haggarth (Bleakwoods: D3) Location: West Hills: E1
Prequest: N/A Leads to: Haggarth's Forge
Sword of Thorns
100 Experience
Before Quest:
What? Back already?
Do you have any unusual weapons to show me?
A cursed sword you say? Interesting...let me have a look!
Well bless Great Grandfather Winter...This is no ordinary's the Cadabog!
Legend has it long ago this sword was forged by the seasonal spirits to wipe out entire armies of monsters, during their war against the Evil One.
The blade was so despised by him, that he put an everlasting curse on it, masking its power with evil runes so that it could never be found and used on him again.
Fortunately for you, you're talking to the best swordsmith this side of the continent! I'll bet I could undo that curse...but I'd need something equally powerful to counter-act its magic.

During Quest:

There's an old scholar by the name of Cornelius far south of here in the western country... he might know of a place one could obtain such a thing.

After Quest:

Cornelius sent word to me that you defeated that despicable monster Slurr...and to think you found a bore lords egg inside his heart! Sure... it would have been decades before it hatched...but you should consider yourself lucky that it didn't, haha!
Listen...I'll craft you a weapon out of that egg & cursed sword the likes of which would even make Ol'e Jack himself shudder in his boots!
Defeat Slurr and his minions in the root of the Western thorns.

Note: You must talk to Cornelius at the entrance to West Hills (E5) before the fight.

Accumulated 471 XP, 205 Silver