Into the Fire
Quest Giver: Kolenya (Bleakwoods: A1) Location: Bleakwoods: A1
Prequest: Out of the Frying Pan... Leads to: Missing Drinks
Kolenyas War Staff
1,000 Experience
5,000 Silver
Before Quest:
Little've caused quite a bit of commotion outside. No matter, its nothing that can't be repaired.
The bloodhoofs follow me now, I've warped their simple minds into doing my bidding. Soon they will return to me, and I will give the command for them to start their war and march down into the hearlands to sever the arteries of your puny civilization.
There's nothing you can do to stop the will of the Antlered One. You are like specks of dust in the face of his mighty power.

During Quest:

Do not try me, warrior. One step closer and my guards will gut you

After Quest: could you?!
You insolent changes nothing! My master will send another to replace can stall our plans, but the Antlered one will find a way to destroy your miserable little cities!!
Halt the bloodhoof invasion force by defeating Kolenya and his elite guards

Accumulated 740 XP, 1214 Silver