Into the Fray
Quest Giver: Flo (Bleakwoods: A3) Location: Bleakwoods: A3
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Access to the deeper within the encampment
200 Experience
Before Quest:
Greetings, flat-ear!
Tsula said to expect some of you to join us on the raid.
I've taken down many bloodhoof in my day...but I've never seen so many hungerer all in one place.
There's a large group of them inside this careful!

During Quest:

...Take heed, their marksmanship outmatches even my own!

After Quest:

We've made headway into the heart of the camp! Head North to my sister Kuruk up ahead...hurry!
Defeat the hungerers inside the hut

Accumulated 1617 XP, 330 Silver