Kigatilik's Rage
Quest Giver: Edgar's Spy (Coldwoods: A1) Location: Coldwoods: A1
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Miracle x3 , Skill Roar x3
150 Experience
Before Quest:
Thank Father Winter I found you! I've been tracking the activities of the bloodhoof clans in this area...there's no doubt now that these are the advance forces of an even larger invasion camp gathering in the Bleakwoods. The local frost-clan Bloodhoof chieftain seems to be in charge here...he's known as Kigatilik. Ever since a witch named Jyoti shot out his eye with a powerful spell, he's sworn revenge against all humankind.
Why hes decided to ally with the hungerers is anyones guess...but the fact remains that their combined forces make them extremely dangerous. If an allied invasion force were to come down from the Bleakwoods and make an attack on the homeland...I shudder to think of the consequences!

During Quest:

Be careful! Kigatilik is a dangerous foe...he will stop at nothing to crush every human he sees!

After Quest:

Thank the seasons youre alive. Head East from here and you will find the Bleakwoods entrance. Good luck!
Defeat Kigatilik and his raiding camp, report back to Edgar's Spy.

Accumulated 412 XP, 219 Silver