Kosumi's Suspicions
Quest Giver: Kosumi (Summerville: D3) Location: Summerville: A2
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Kosumi's directions
40 Experience
Before Quest:
My friend Naria joined that strange cult out in the cornfields...but lately she’s been coming by less, and acting strangely. In fact, she seems...'changed'. I’m so worried about her...if only I knew what was going on!
The farmers all think its the grimalkin causing this mischief, but my family has lived in these parts for generations, and while the grimalkin might steal a chicken or two once in awhile, I know they would never just cause people to disappear...something doesn’t add up.
There's a grimalkin burrow way to the West of here, alongside the river.If you could clear it out for me, it would confirm my suspicions that there's some other evil afoot here.

During Quest:

Were you able to find the lair? Just head west till you get to the river, and follow it up to their nest.

After Quest:

Just as I thought, the grimalkin have nothing to do with any of this..then it must be that insane old man Father Wildfire!
He used to be a respected shaman in our small farming village, but several weeks ago, just as we lost contact with Shikaakwa, things began to change. He began to talk about a great evil coming and urged his followers to come with him deep into the cornfields to perform secret rituals.
I tried to speak up against his foolishness, but he accused me of being a heathen, and a protector of the grimalkin. As a result, he made me an outcast and I've since stood by helplessly as I've seen more and more farmers disappear. Now I know that it was all a trick to cover his own back...its not the grimalkin responsible for this mess...its him!
Please, you must help me get Naria back from him. I no longer know where they're holding their secret meetings, but theres a merchant to the South of here who may be able to help.
Raid the grimalkin burrow in western Summerville and report back to Kosumi.

Accumulated 143 XP, 127 Silver