This article is about the Leader of the Pack Quest. For the Enemy article, see Leader of the Pack (Enemy).
Leader of the Pack
Quest Giver: Gunnar (Bleakwoods: H1) Location: Bleakwoods: H1
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
400 Experience
700 Silver
Before Quest:
The old fort used to be an outpost to spy on the comings and goings of the local bloodhoofs...alot of good that did..heh..
Now its home to a pack of deadly sabercats....and one in particular...the big one that nearly took out my eye. He's stronger than the rest, and cunning too.

During Quest:

There's a reason you'll find no bloodhoofs in there...even they fear his bite...and with good reason!

After Quest:

I don't believe actually defeated that monster?...You're not human!
Defeat the sabrecat packs in the old wood fort.

Accumulated 440 XP, 138 Silver