Lost Locket
Quest Giver: Moria (Shikaakwa: A3) Location: Summerville: F1
Prequest: Corto's Deal Leads to: N/A
100 Experience
350 Silver
Before Quest:
Word's been going around town that you're quite the adventurer!
Could you do me a favor? I used to hang out a lot at the old silo South of here...but awhile ago some grimalkin snuck up on me and stole my mother's locket! She'd kill me if she knew I had taken it...but I can't go back and get it because of this stupid quarantine...won't you help me?

During Quest:

It's worth a lot, I might be able to pay you for it.

After Quest:

I knew you'd help...thanks!
It's annoying enough to have to look after my ditzy sister...if I had my mom breathing down my neck all day I'd go insane!
Defeat the Grimalkin by the old silo located in Summerville: F1 to find the locket.
  • Battle 1
  • Battle 2
  • Battle 3

Accumulated 56 XP, 46 Silver