This article is about the Lucette Quest. For the Enemy article, see Lucette.
Lucette (Quest)
Difficulty Level: 20
Quest Giver: Gervais (Coldwoods: E3) Location: Coldwoods: E1
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Gervais Fur Cap
Before Quest:
My sister Lucette traveled north of here to make an offering in the sacred cave, but she's been missing for three days. Now that the Bloodhoofs have taken over the tundra, it's not safe for me to go out and look for her. I'd do anything for some news about her!

During Quest:

Lucette wanted to make an offering to appease the spirits into stopping this biting cold... I told her it was too dangerous.. I should have stopped her!

After Quest:

You're back? What happened to her?
. . . I see. I wish you were not telling me this, but you did the right thing. I know that our medicine men will keep her spirit safe.
Head north to the sacred cave to find Lucette, return to Gervais.

Accumulated 366 XP, 179 Silver