Quest Giver: Jona (Shikaakwa: B3) Location: Bellroot: A1
Prequest: The Drowned Leads to: The Haunted Cave
100 Experience
2 Gold
Before Quest:
The Faceless are some of Lady Stitches most lethal allies...powerful magic entities enslaved to do her bidding. They are the masterminds behind much of the confusion thats been plaguing our lands to the East in Bellroot.
If you can manage to defeat 4 of them for me, I'm sure the other mercenaries would appreciate it.

During Quest:

Rumuor has it their activity has been greatest out East.

After Quest:

Thank you...I can already sense their magics hold weakening on the area...this is sure to give us a tactical advantage!
Defeat 4 Faceless, return to Jona.

The quickest way is to defeat Bellroot: A1 (left fight) twice. You need not complete the other battles this time.