Poison Spiders
Quest Giver: Jona (Shikaakwa: B3) Location: N/A
Prequest: Grimalkin Sweep Leads to: N/A
100 Experience
2 Gold
Before Quest: troublesome...
Several of the mercenaries I've hired have fallen ill due to poison spider this rate we won't be able to defend the city properly at all!
If only I could get some samples of the spiders venom, I might be able to concoct an anti-venom with the help of the local medicine men.
Hey, you don't seem to be affected yet...would it be possible for you to go out and retrieve some venom for me? The combined venom of 4 toxic spiders should be sufficient to begin our tests.

During Quest:

Remember, the bite of a toxic spider is different than a normal one...

After Quest:

You did it? Fantastic! Hand over that venom...careful now! We really can't afford to lose any more warriors this way...sigh...
Track down and eliminate 4 toxic spiders and return to Jonas.
  • Bellroot: G1 - 7 toxic spider (HP600)
  • Bellroot: G2 - 1 toxic spider (HP600) + 3 iron spider (HP200)
  • Bellroot: G4 - 1 toxic spider (HP600) + 1 iron spider (HP200), 1 spider (HP27)