Rosies Map 1
Quest Giver: Brainwashed Farmer (Summerville: G3) Location: Summerville: G1
Prequest: Missing Drinks Leads to: Rosies Map 2
100 Experience
2 Gold
Rosie - Before Quest:
I can't believe it I had a map and was ambushed by creatures and they tore it into bits!
I really need it back help me find it please. I know that all the creatures ran off so it maybe hard to find them.
Ask around in all areas as some might know something about the creatures that have my map, I know the first one went into Summerville.
The map was torn into 5 pieces.

Before Quest: (G3)

You're lookin for Rosie's map? Ya I saw a creature with part of it.
It was in the arena, and it's all green like it's been underwater for ages.
He has a large part of the map.

During Quest:

Go to SummerVille Arena

After Quest:

Go show Rosie, she'll probably tell you where to go next.

Rosie - After Quest:

Great Job you have found 1 piece of the map. I believe I saw a piece go into Bleakwoods, can you find it there? Someone there probably has some info.
The creature you're looking for is in the Arena and its all green.

Note: You must visit Rosie first to start the quest.

Go to Summerville Arena (A Hero Is Born) and defeat the Shadow Drowned on the 3rd floor, 3rd Room, 1st Battle, return to talk to the Brainwashed Farmer, then talk to Rosie again.