Rosies Map 2
Quest Giver: Tsukanasti (Bleakwoods: D4) Location: Bleakwoods: B2
Prequest: Rosies Map 1 Leads to: Rosies Map 3
100 Experience
2 Gold
Rosie - Before Quest:
Great Job you have found 1 piece of the map. I believe I saw a piece go into Bleakwoods, can you find it there? Someone there probably has some info.

Before/During Quest:

I hear the creature with the map is here somewhere and it has no face.

After Quest:

Ah you found it.
Here's your reward, now go give this piece back to Rosie.

Rosie - After Quest:

Ok I now have 2 pieces of the map.
Please check West Hills for the next one I heard somewhere there seen it.
Complete a battle containing a Faceless.

Note: You must visit Rosie first to start the quest.

Talk to Tsukanasti in Bleakwoods: D4, then complete a battle containing a Faceless.
Go North twice, then West twice to get to Ash's Hut at Bleakwoods: B2, and kill the 16800 HP Faceless in Battle 3 (far right). For an easier fight, go to Bellroot: A1. Return to and talk to Tsukanasti to complete the quest, then return to Rosie.