Sacred Seasons Wiki

Sacred Seasons was made in 2009. The game was shut down in 2018.

What is Sacred Seasons?

Sacred Seasons is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) coded entirely in Adobe Flash and created by a team of developers in 12 months with no budget  [1]

Logo of Sacred Seasons: Liberty

. Updates (new arenas/areas/weapons) and Events are made by jamieyg3 (Malkin71 in game.).[2] 

Story behind Sacred Seasons

You can find this at the splash screen when the game loads:

You have always known there is a world better than the one we live in...

Where the mountains scrape the skies and the canyons vanish into darkness...

From the great wolves of the Coldwoods to the majestic oak trees of Bellroot, they all work with mankind to shape the destiny of the Heartlands...

In the festering corners of the lands, the Bore Lords and their armies have risen. Spreading like cancerous plague...

To the North, below the arctic circle, the first of these has gathered his armies and marches southwards, towards one of the last city-states of mankind...

...Shikaakwa, the City of Air.

If it is to survive, champions must appear; men and women who will stand firm against the upcoming cold and drive it back.

This is their time...

This is your time.


Here are some artists that did artwork for Sacred Seasons:

Spring class concepts by ming85

Dungeon concept by Mavor which isn't in the game (yet)

Weapon concepts by Nezart