Sitala's Den
Quest Giver: Sitala (Bleakwoods: G2) Location: Bleakwoods: G2
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Access to Bloodhoof territory
Cast x3 , Skill Chant x3
Before Quest:
Don't worry, I won't harm you!
My name is Sitala...I'm an outcast bloodhoof shaman. How do you like my human disguise? I it needs work, but I'm pretty proud of it!
You may know my people as 'carrion-men' or 'bloodhoofs', but that's an unfair description...we call ourselves the 'Napayashin' -- it's a name that means strong, and noble.
Normally we strive for peace with our Inali and human neighbors, but our leaders have been tricked by the slippery words of the evil Kolenya- the Antlered One's messenger.
My underground medicine den over here has been taken over by a platoon of hungerers. Defeat them, and I could use my herbs to make a mix for you that would give you the strength to fight the evil Kolenya.

During Quest:

Be careful, the hungerers may be nearly blind, but their other sense are far keener than any animal.

After Quest:

You did well, friend. Here, I've prepared some restorative potions that may be of some use to you...use them wisely!
You'll find the bloodhoof encampments to the West of here. Use people pride themselves in their wartime strength, and will eagerly cut down invaders without hesitation.
Defeat all the monsters in Sitala's underground den and return back to him.

Accumulated 678 XP, 519 Silver