Spider Broods
Quest Giver: Jona (Shikaakwa: B3) Location: N/A
Prequest: Enchanted Challenge Leads to: Badger Master
200 Silver
2 Gold
Before Quest:
The spiders have been acting up again recently...their numbers seem to double every time we turn around, despite our constant efforts to push them back. The Giant Spiders seem to be the greatest threat to us...they're the nest guardians and tend to the eggs...
If you could defeat 5 spiders for me, it might help us make a dent in their population.

During Quest:

Check your quest log to see what type of spiders you need to defeat.

After Quest:

I see you did it. I imagine it wasn't easy...heres a reward for your trouble. I only hope it was enough to stop their multiplying in time!
Defeat 5 spiders and return to Jona.