Storm the Lighthouse
Quest Giver: Nikolai (Bellroot: A1) Location: Bellroot: A1
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Access to more of Bellroot
100 Experience
Before Quest:
We're a band of mercenaries who have traveled from the West to help fight off these monsters lurking in the Shikaakwa countryside. Arbane and I have seen something like this happen before...years ago when Bellroot was attacked, giant blue veins coursed up through this became a giant antennae amplifying Lady Stitchs evil.
It appears that now she's using it again to channel a magic barrier, blocking access into the Eastern areas. Whatever is inside must be causing the barrier!

During Quest:

Lumenia is our fastest warrior...if she thinks its dangerous you had better be careful if you venture in there.

After Quest:

What happened in there? I felt a rumbling and saw the barrier disappear to the East of looks like you did it...amazing! Now we should be able to head East and confront Lady Stitch head on!
Clear the lighthouse and return to Nikolai.

Accumulated 83 XP, 103 Silver