The Angered Spirits
Quest Giver: Reshal (Coldwoods: E5) Location: Coldwoods: E6
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Unlock more Coldwoods
Before Quest:
For generations these caves have held a spiritual significance for our people.
Now that the Invading Bloodhoof and Hungerer clans from the Bleakwoods have taken up residency in these caves, the ghosts of our ancestors have become angered, and a cold and bitter wind has pervaded these parts.
There's a cave just South of here that houses the spirits of great creatures that once wandered these lands. They've become enraged with the coming of these invaders. If someone could go and lay their souls to rest, I'm sure the spirits of our ancestors could sleep soundly as well.

During Quest:

These spirits are usually benevolent, protecting us from harm, but when the carrion men came they began to act strangely. The cave is located just south of here.

After Quest:

I sense the spirit of the great wolf is once again at peace...however, I fear what will happen to us now that these new enemies have arrived. The Hungerers would never travel here on their own...its much too cold. Something else must be driving them to these lands, or perhaps they are traveling through to some target further South.
Unfortunately the carrion men operate under the shadow of night, and we've been unable to track their movements. However, I do know of a sun witch to the North of here who might now of their whereabouts. Just head West until you reach the cliffside, and follow it up to her encampment.
And here, take this as a token of my gratitude...its been passed down through my family for generations.
Head to the cave in southern Coldwoods and lay the angered spirits to rest, then return to Reshal.

Accumulated 114 XP, 158 Silver