The Blind Professor
Difficulty Level: 5
Quest Giver: Cornelius (West Hills: E5) Location: West Hills: D3
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
A map through the thorns
50 Silver
Before Quest:
A visitor? Now that's something I don't get every day! I've been studying these strange giant thorn bushes that have been growing out of the mines for some time now...they're really quite unusual!
You're from the city, aren't you? Tell me, what's the news from Shikaakwa?
...Oh...that bad you say? Monsters you say?!...oh dear! My poor niece Bella in town. She must be so worried... I'd like to write to her... but Im in a bit of a predicament... I lost my good monocle peering down into that cave just north of here. There's quite an assortment of nasty creatures within, so I doubt I'd stand a chance of getting it on my own!
If you could run down there and chase them away for a bit, I'm sure I'd be able to recover it!

During Quest:

Don't mind me, I'm just a poor old blind man yearning for his monocle!

After Quest:

Splendid! I was able to run in and grab it. Thank you young I'm sorry, but you just look like a big blur to me without my monocle on...just a moment please...
Ah, thats better!
You've been such a great help to me! As a token of my thanks, let me share with you some of the maps I've made of the terrain West of here....I hope you find them useful on your adventures.
By the way, if you're ever in Shikaakwa again, could you deliver a message to my niece Bella in town? She frightens easily, and I'm sure she could use some reassurance with all those monsters around.
Clear the cave of monsters to help Cornelius recover his monocle and return back to him.

Accumulated 116 XP, 155 Silver