The Cursed
Quest Giver: Ossere (Bellroot: C2) Location: Bellroot: C2
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Cursed Book , Cursed Sword
Before Quest:
There is something...peculiar about the old church. I sense that there is an evil far different and more potent than that of the surrounding farmland.
I've been here meditating for several days... and I've seen many foolhardy warriors enter that church and never return. I imagine though, that inside there may be something very old, and very have drawn in so many evil spirits.
It may be beyond your abilities, but if you were to discover the secrets of this place, I might be able to give you something of value.

During Quest:

Take heed, I sense the evil is strong within those doors.

After Quest:

You found a spellbook?...Interesting. Hmm...there's a story written inside, but it is very old and to read...Something about... A great nature spirit in the north being corrupted by an evil presence..
This reminds me of an ancient lore my sisterhood has passed on for generations.. Why would the energy from this book be resonating now of all times? If what I fear is true this could mean the start of something very dangerous for our lands.
Here, take the book with you, as well as this sword. It's a cursed weapon I found in the depths of an old ruin. Its markings are similar to those within the book, and it has a similar aura.I must warn you is no ordinary weapon, and the twisted energy reverberating from it may rend it deadly to its foes as well as its owner...but I trust you are noble enough to carry this burden.
Defeat the evil creatures lurking within the church and return to Ossere.

Accumulated 138 XP, 72 Silver