The Drowned
Quest Giver: Jona (Shikaakwa: B3) Location: Bellroot: A1
Prequest: Badger Master Leads to: Minions
Skill Roar
2 Gold
Before Quest:
The Drowned are the unfortunate victims of the Bellroot disaster years ago...when their ashes were tossed into the lake, Lady Stitch used those remains as a catalyst for creating the abhorrent mutant lake monsters you see today.
The Drowned have jars and trinkets inside them rich with magical power, and are a great asset in creating the magical skill chants we use to execute special attacks and magic during battle.
If you could lay 6 of these monsters to rest, it might provide us with enough magical fodder to create several skill potions in the shop for our warriors.

During Quest:

They reside mostly on the coast near the sunken village of Bellroot.

After Quest:

Thank you... you've done us a great service in retrieving these jars, as well as putting these souls at peace.
Defeat 6 Drowned and return back to Jona.

Defeat the 2 Drowned in Bellroot: A1 3 times. (other locations will not work)