The Enchanted Glen
Quest Giver: Viridiana (Coldwoods: A3) Location: Coldwoods: A2
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Directions to Bloodhoof encampments
Emergency x2
50 Experience
Before Quest:
I travel here every year to gather the plants that grow in this region for medicine, but this year it's colder than ever! I wouldn't last out there for t-t-t-ten minutes! Could you collect some rimegrass for me? It grows in an enchanted cave underneath a tree directly North of here.
Do this for me, and I'll make it worth your time! I've seen some peculiar things happening around here which might interest a warrior like yourself.

During Quest:

Watch out, those monsters down there are strong against magic attacks

After Quest:

Thanks so much! Listen, I know where those icky bloodhoofs have been hiding out...they're setting up camp in a cave North of here just past the enchanted tree. No way am I going up there, but maybe I can help you in my own way. Let me make a healing potion or two out of the rimegrass you brought me to help you fight them...good luck!
Clear enchanted cave in a tree trunk north of Viridiana and return to her for reward.

Accumulated 436 XP, 168 Silver