The Haunted Cave
Quest Giver: Jona (Shikaakwa: B3) Location: Bellroot: D3
Prequest: Minions Leads to: Bumps in the Night
100 Experience
2 Gold
Before Quest:
There's a canyon cave to the East of here we wanted to set up as a lookout to prepare for invading monsters... but strange Phantom Horneds have frightened off and repelled any scouts I've tried to send that way.
If you could enter that cave and defeat 3 of them for me, we may be able to secure a key vantage point out in the territories.

During Quest:

It's quite a climb to the'll have to traverse the rocky cliffs. outside town.

After Quest:

You defeated them? Excellent! We may be able to set up a forward camp there after all. I'm indebted to you.
Defeat three Phantom Horned, return to Jona.

Travel to Bellroot: D3 (use A3 to get there).