The Mysterious Miner
Quest Giver: Miner (Bellroot: C4) Location: Bellroot: C4
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Defense Glyph
100 Experience
200 Silver
Before Quest:
Oh, Uh...hi. Don't mind me..
I'm a perfectly normal human mining for rare ores in this cave!
We've encountered a bit of a problem see, our progress keeps on getting stopped by strange creatures, its almost as if they dont want us to mine here!
Tell you what, clear it out for us and I'll give you something special we've been making from the metals in these mines.

During Quest:

Last time I checked they're still in there...

After Quest:

Thank you stranger.
Clear out the cave and report back to the miner.

Accumulated 18 XP, 10 Silver