The Puppet
Quest Giver: Nathaniel (Bellroot: H2) Location: Bellroot: H2
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Access to Lady Stitch's lair in Northeast Bellroot
200 Experience
Before Quest:
Years ago Bellroot was a thriving port town...then...Lady Stitch happened. What you see before you is all that remains...she's reclaimed the town and its people back into the murky depths.
Even now, Lady Stitch continues her revenge on the people for disturbing her lake. The cityfolk have no idea, barricaded behind their walls...but its her who's using the magic energies in these waters to manipulate creatures into attacking the city. She'll continue driving them ever closer to Shikaakwa's borders, weakening them with the siege until she's ready for an all-out attack.
After she sunk the houses, Lady Stitch planted some of her most powerful minions within their depths...I'll bet the key to entering her lair lies in defeating whatever lies beneath those old houses

During Quest:

There's an extremely powerful presence down there...The Lady's puppet creatures are deadly indeed.

After Quest:

I saw a bright blue flash from underneath the water...are you ok?! Either way, it seems as though the spell protecting Lady Stitchs dungeon North of here has dissipated. If you are on your way to try to defeat her, then please be careful..remember, there's a reason the town of Bellroot is no more...she is a powerful foe.
Defeat the monsters in the submerged lighthouse in eastern Bellroot and return to Nathaniel.

Accumulated 640 XP, 139 Silver