The Rams Head
Quest Giver: Leandra (Bellroot: H4) Location: Bellroot: G4
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Access to the Rams Head
100 Experience
200 Silver
Before Quest:
Ooh, a customer!
We haven't had many of those recently...well, besides old Hem, of course...
Oh, Corto sent you?
I'm so sorry, but we dont have anything for you right now!...with all the strange activity in the area lately, our supplies have been completley cut off!
There was a farmer with an old barn directly West of here who used to provide us with some of his crops...but we haven't heard from him in weeks!... I hope hes ok!

During Quest:

He owns a barn directly west of here...with a big tree growing out of it

After Quest:

I heard you chased away some of those evil monsters from that farmers barn! We'll be able to set up shop again thanks to you!
Hehe... I'll bet you're wondering how I can survive out here alone with all these monsters around...Stop in for a drink sometime and I'll tell you!
Defeat the monsters in the farmers barn and return to Leandra.

Accumulated 282 XP, 64 Silver