Trail of Ash
Quest Giver: Ash (Bleakwoods: I3) Location: Bleakwoods: I2
Prequest: N/A Leads to: Bittersweet Revenge
Access to western Bleakwoods
100 Experience
800 Silver
Before Quest:
The bloodhoofs West of here ransacked this town years ago, and slaughtered my family.
They're brutal, clannish creatures...incapable of pity, compassions or sympathy... I've sworn on my parents grave to destroy every last one of them, no matter the cost.
Give me proof that you've dispatched some, and I'll reward you handsomely for it.

During Quest:

Head straight North of here. You'll find their hideout in an abandoned house by the rocky mountain cliffs. Be warned, they keep their pet sabrecats very hungry.

After Quest:

Ah, I see you've returned. Very good.
What's that? you fought hungerers in there as well?
the bloodhoofs and hungerers are natural rivals, but they both have a common enemy in the humans. They'll only band together when they're planning something big... I'll have to look into this personally.
By the way, while you were gone the storm let up, and its a clear walk now to the west side of the abandoned town. If you wish to venture further take heed, I have a feeling things will be more dangerous than normal.
Clear out the hut on the northeast edge of town and return to Ash.

Accumulated 514 XP, 257 Silver