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re: ShowHide functionality

I don't have access to do that kinda thing, sorry :( Bewty 11:31, September 22, 2009 (UTC)


Zoycite 20:54, September 22, 2009 (UTC) I am interested in discussing with you how we want to outline the "new" map structure. I see you have done some work on Shikaakwa c3. I made some suggestions in the page discussion. I think we should start making pages for each monster/npc that is in an area and give summaries of monster stats or quests offered on the individual map pages, rather than listing out all npc dialog on map page. I like the use of the image map extension, we can also link to other areas that way too, nice work. I think the Image map extension also supports alt text when you hover over various elements so we could label a npc or a portal To (Mapname)_c1 or something like that. Let me know what you think.


please can u help me to buy the new sacred stuffs??

im from greece and i cant buy the 100k golds!!

do u know how i can do that??


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I bought the 50000 gold for a second time


I bought the 50,000 gold for a second time but I didn't recieve my new head gear. Did I do something wrong?



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Re: BI3 mobs

OK. So if order is considered, I think it is even better to present the mobs like this

Template:*Deadly Frog (573,000 HP) Template:*Deadly Frog (573,000 HP) Template:*Enchanted Bloodhoof (41,100 HP) Template:*Enchanted Bloodhoof (41,100 HP) Template:*Deadly Frog (573,000 HP) Template:**(9408 XP, 1506 Silver.gif)

instead of

Template:*2x Deadly Frog (573,000 HP) Template:*2x Enchanted Bloodhoof (41,100 HP) Template:*1x Deadly Frog (573,000 HP) Template:**(9408 XP, 1506 Silver.gif)

Do you think so?

Hello Mara, I was Wondering If You Could Help Me Out By Editing A Page For The Shikaawa Arena

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Not just personal experiences

regarding this edit:

a level 25 does 80-125 damage (according to this). floor 5- 4th room has a group of 5 giant badgers (350 hp,2-3 hits each) and floor 6, 1st room has a group of 4 iron bloodhoofs (720 hp, 6-7 hits each) floor 6, 4th room there are 3 bleaklights (340 hp, 3 hits each). kinda hard for a level 25 here. Also, the article said level 40, and 25 seems way too low. 19:11, April 3, 2010 (UTC)


then the minimum can be level 1 because the monsters might miss every time. You agree that it should not read "UWA can be soloed at level 1", right?