Wolves in the Walls
Quest Giver: Damiane (Coldwoods: B6) Location: Coldwoods: B6
Prequest: N/A Leads to: N/A
Access to more Coldwoods
Damianes Wand
50 Silver
Before Quest:
Our people here are used to the cold. The wind and ice are our protectors – thanks to them, nobody has ever been able to lay siege to our cities. But this new cold is too strong . . . even in the sunlight I feel as though I’m walking under a great shadow. I will investigate the cause of this; in the meantime we desperately need firewood, but our wood-store is overrun with wolves. If you would clear it, it would be the first step towards uncovering this mystery.

During Quest:

Please hurry, I can keep myself warm with my fire spells, but the settlers east of here must be suffering.

After Quest:

Thank you. You have bought us time, but it's getting colder by the day. Soon even our fires will freeze. Go East - you will find another settlement, near the frozen lake. The Medicine Men there might have some insight into the cause of this horrible cold.
Defeat the wolves in the woodstore in the Coldwoods and return to Damiane.

Accumulated 108 XP, 210 Silver