Yoriks Plea
Difficulty Level: 20
Quest Giver: Yorick (West Hills: A5) Location: West Hills: A5
Prequest: Badger Hell - The Puppet Leads to: N/A
Seroline Sabre
200 Experience
100 Silver
Before Quest:
Word has spread that you've defeated the lady's golem puppet to the East of here
....Perhaps a warrior such as yourelf would be able to help me. I'm still not allowed through the's driving me mad!
I had to abandon several of my weapons and supplies in a cave at the far Southwest border of the western territories...If you could go there and retreive them for me I'd be grateful

During Quest:

I came across some bandits as I was escaping from the cave...I was going to ask them for help, but it looked like they had their own..problems.

After Quest:

I was a guard in Selorine, a town west of here that was overrun by beasts. I want to gather forces to take it back, but they won't let me through the quarantine.
Find Yorik's camp, defeat monsters within to retrieve his supplies.

Note: This quest can be completed while doing West Hills Search 3.

Accumulated 319 XP, 169 Silver